See how working with me, Anomie, has helped women and LGBTQ folk thrive through anything and everything life can surprise us all with.

Be reassured that the Nest Coaching Club is a safe place to bring your whole self.

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I am often time poor and I work full time so I was concerned about how I could find time for coaching but Anomie opened my eyes to new possibilities. I have increased motivation and the ability to set achievable goals. I have learnt how to identify barriers and handle them. I have learnt to be kind to myself. I used to waste time being self-critical about all that I have not done.

Anomie was encouraging, warm and friendly. Her questions were appropriate and non-judgemental. She kept my interest by using different exercises that were thought-provoking and fun.

If you're considering this program, go for it! Focusing on an issue with guidance and time to discuss, think and reflect is invaluable.

Inspirational, positive, motivating - five out of five stars. Jane, Perth, Western Australia

I had some realisations about how I respond to pressure and how I can utilise my weakness as a strength...

Anomie is empathetic and reflective, with a good attention to detail. She is a warm and approachable coach, able to gently guide you to realisations and breakthroughs. Her practical support and effective listening were extremely helpful to me.

I highly recommend working with Anomie.

Practical, grounding, reflective - five out of five stars. Bethan, Perth, Western Australia

“My experience was positive and motivating. Instead of thoughts of uncertainty and loss, I think more of joy and freedom and a whole new world of opportunities and adventures.”

“Anomie is really good at listening, and synthesising what she hears into something coherent...
In her own life, Anomie has the most inspiring ability to bounce back. I think it's one of her best superpowers."

I could feel that Anomie was really present during the sessions. She listened, reflected and reframed. She was supportive, probing and curious with strength and gentleness. The sessions were fun and sometimes challenging in a good way. Anomie came across as real, genuine.

Anomie helped me look at things in a new way, with a new perspective. I now look at myself more objectively. I have a sense of acceptance for myself and more confidence.

Insightful, supportive, empowering - five out of five stars. Avinna, Perth, Western Australia

My biggest hesitation before starting, the program was in laying out the contextual background for my present concerns. Anomie handled my history, including many personal experiences, with delicacy.

Anomie boldly and unapologetically follows her own advice. She is exemplary in the ways she holds space for herself and prioritises both her work and her parenting relationship.

Inspiring, supportive, clarifying - five out of five stars. Emma, Perth, Western Australia

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