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8 fortnights – intimate groups  

IVF is hard. It is physically, emotionally, relationally and financially draining. You enter a swirl of expert advice, blood tests, appointments, cycle scheduling and medical procedures. It can be confusing and overwhelming to take in medical information and make the decision that is right for you, each cycle.

Trying to start a family with IVF can be an isolating and shaming experience as you avoid painful situations and hear tactless or unkind comments. It is also time consuming, adding to your isolation. You don’t need to do this alone. Get the support you need to get through this difficult period.

What if you had ways to make good IVF choices, for you?

What if you were impervious to the criticism, judgements and unhelpful advice of others?

What if you had ways to bolster and protect your self-confidence and worthiness?

What if you were adept at finding joy and meaning in any circumstance?

What if you had an online support group of women and LGBTQ+ folk who were also going through IVF, separate and additional to your networks?

What's included

This is what the NEST Coaching Club offers. With a NEST membership, join a community of women and LGBTQ+ folk who understand what you are going through.

• 8 x 1 hr fortnightly Group Coaching sessions covering a full IVF cycle, including decision making and debriefing time. 

• Review of individual pre-session check-in forms each fortnight which helps me tailor the Group Coaching session to your needs.

• Access to the NEST private Facebook and Whatsapp groups –  with active participation and moderation from me, Anomie, for you during NEST, and beyond while you are having IVF and birthing a new family.

• The option to book additional one-off 1:1 coaching sessions with me, Anomie.

•  Package pricing for couples and repeating members. 


The coaching club, NEST, connects you to stories that offer hope and comfort because there is nothing more empowering than knowing you’ll be ok, whatever happens.

NEST is intimate group coaching, offered seasonally to an allied collective who are held safely by me, a certified coach with shared experience of IVF.

NEST takes the impact of coaching and adds the wisdom of community.

Group sizes are intentionally kept small and a miraculous feeling of trust and support is developed between members.

Sitting together, we share stories and learn from each other’s challenges and breakthroughs.

The next NEST season starts Sunday 14 July 2024 

Payment by instalment is available, select your preferred plan. 
Participants welcomed from anywhere in the world -
sessions held on your Sunday. 

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Supporting women and LGBTQ+ folk through IVF and the birth of new families with NEST. Join a community of people who understand what you are going through.

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